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 Ample stainless steel pipe

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 Stainless steel welded pipe

Product Name: stainless steel color tube

Production company: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
Product Description: supplier Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. water plated black titanium color tube, drawing black titanium gold stainless steel color tube, TKV decorative special pipe, drawing stainless steel color tube, black titanium stainless steel color tube, stainless steel color tube, stainless steel color square tube
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Foshan Kuanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating sales, processing and production of stainless steel pipes. The factory is located in Shuikou Industrial Zone, Beijiao, Shunde, and the marketing center is located in Liyuan metal Logistics City, Chencun village, Shunde City, Foshan City, specializing in the production of SUS304, 316L high requirement stainless steel pipe, industrial fluid transportation stainless steel pipe, mechanical structure stainless steel pipe, food and drinking water stainless steel pipe, boiler heat exchanger stainless steel pipe, thin wall stainless steel drinking water pipe and other products.
It is widely used in petroleum, papermaking, chemical industry, food hygiene, medical treatment, furniture decoration and other projects, and its products are all over China and all over the world.
Our stainless steel welded pipe is made of s30408 and s31603 stainless steel coils with superior performance by precision forming and welding. The products have good pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, sanitation and environmental protection. The products meet the requirements of GB / t12771-2008 and ASTM a554, ASTM A312, en10312, JIS g3448 and other standards meet the requirements of drinking water standards of developed countries such as the United States and the European Union. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings in cold and hot water heating, heat exchanger systems and pipeline systems in environmental protection, energy and petrochemical industries.
We hope to establish friendly cooperation relationship with your company with high quality products, reasonable price, considerate service, and create a better future hand in hand.  
Main products: stainless steel pipe for mechanical structure and decoration; stainless steel pipe for food hygiene (internal welding pipe leveling); stainless steel pipe for boiler heat exchanger; stainless steel pipe for general piping (pressure connection pipe); 316L color stainless steel round pipe, 304 color stainless steel square pipe, color stainless steel decorative pipe, Stainless steel color tube manufacturer Stainless steel color tube price list, stainless steel color tube customization, etc
 304 stainless steel square tube
304 stainless steel square tube
Information about the production of stainless steel square tubes made of stainless steel 304 stainless steel (grade): 409 / 409L, 421, 421, 436 / 436l, 441, etc.. Standard (stamdard): ASTM a554 standard (GB / t12770-2002) GB / t12770-2002 (jis3446) jis3446 European standard 10296-2 outer diameter (O.D): 29-100 (mm): 29-100 (mm) wall thickness (W.T.): 0.6-2.0 (mm) (mm) mm) wall thickness (W.T.): 0.6-2.0 (mm) ʐ mm) mm) wall thickness (W.T.): 0.6-2.0 (mm) (mm) mm) 0 13 The requirements of hole diameter and hole distance are provided by customers.
 316 stainless steel rectangular tube
316 stainless steel rectangular tube
1. The compound combination of multi-stage depressurization, flow control, spray resistance and sound absorption is adopted, which has the characteristics of wide-band noise elimination, and strengthens the mechanism of anti noise and spray resistance in structure, and achieves the ideal effect of noise elimination.
2. The industrial waste in the blown pipe is washed by high-speed steam, and is collected in the sewage section after impact.
3. Water spray device is used to reduce temperature and pressure.
4. According to different pressure and temperature, choose different temperature resistant and pressure resistant materials.
 201 stainless steel thick pipe
201 stainless steel thick pipe
Corrugated tube is a kind of flexible element. The curvature of each part of corrugated tube changes constantly after it is affected by temperature difference in working process. Although the deformation caused by this curvature change is not very large, the linear expansion coefficient of dirt and metal bellows is quite different. Therefore, a large pull-out force will be generated between the dirt and the corrugated tube surface, which is enough to make the scale fall off and realize automatic cleaning Automatic descaling, especially this point can not be compared with other heat exchangers.
 Foshan stainless steel welded pipe
Foshan stainless steel welded pipe
The steel pipe is welded with the steel pipe or steel pipe after welding. The production process of welded steel pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, the varieties and specifications are more, and the equipment investment is less, but the general strength is lower than that of seamless steel pipe. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip continuous rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the quality of welding seam is constantly improved, and the variety and specification of welded steel pipe are increasing day by day, and seamless steel pipe has been replaced in more and more fields, especially in the aspects of heat exchange standby pipe, decorative pipe, medium and low pressure fluid pipe, etc.

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