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The price of 304 color stainless steel square tube in Chaoyang District has competitive advantage

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: June 6, 2018 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
In February, the iron and steel raw material market was cold and the price fluctuated weakly. Among them, the consolidation of import ore prices is slightly stronger, 304 stainless steel square tube in Chaoyang Area The price officially fell below 2000 yuan / T, and the price of coking coal and coke was weak. As the market tends to be normal, the billet blending plants have been started in succession. With the impact of the price of finished products, the upstream raw material billets are slightly strengthened in the afternoon. Now the mainstream ex factory quotation of Tangshan billet is 1940 yuan, which also forms a certain price support for the small narrow strip. On the other hand, the production of the downstream shelf pipe plants has basically recovered, and there is a certain demand for small narrow-band in the later stage, and the low-cost resources of small narrow-band may be able to follow a small increase.

From the perspective of market fundamentals, the current price decline is mainly due to the weakening of cost support, and the order prices of steel mills in January have been lowered. It is estimated that domestic prices in January will remain stable and weak. The author's point of view is that the bottom of the price fluctuates mainly, and there may be a slight rebound in the second half of the month. In the later stage, the demand for iron ore consumption rebounded, and the short-term pressure is greater. At the same time, the steel raw material market, especially 304 color stainless steel square tube in Chaoyang District The market has always been in the stage of serious oversupply. In the stage of price decline, overseas mines increase profits by reducing prices to further increase the pressure on supply and price; although the coking coal market has continuously introduced stimulus measures and a large number of small and medium-sized mines are closed down, under the heavy pressure of environmental protection policy and the reduction of electricity consumption, coal consumption of power plants has been greatly reduced, and it is always difficult to rise from the bottom; Although scrap inventory is low, but in the case of iron ore prices continue to decline, for steel mills, the relatively high price level does not have a competitive advantage.

In the billet market, due to the insufficient release of downstream demand, the enthusiasm of rolling stock enterprises is low, and affected by environmental protection and profitability, the rolling stock enterprises start low, and the demand for billets is limited. Generally speaking, the cost element control of steel plant is the top priority, especially in the case of continuous narrowing of profit space. Steel prices continue to fall, and the prices of some varieties have been inverted. In order to ensure the shipment volume, it is expected that the steel mills will continue to make profits in the future, 304 color stainless steel square tube in Chaoyang District Costs will also face greater downward pressure. To sum up, "peak season is not prosperous" has become a foregone conclusion, upstream raw materials fall endlessly, cost support is few, steel mills have no intention to reduce production, most steel mills have high capacity utilization rate, and market supply pressure is increasing; from the downstream point of view, under the background of capital shortage and continuous low price, the terminal basically adopts low inventory operation, and the stock enterprises and stock volume before the festival are significantly higher than last year Therefore, during the long holiday period, the in-house inventory and social inventory of steel mills are likely to rise. In addition, the recent decline in hot rolling is relatively large, and cold rolling still has a cycle of make-up decline. The cold rolling market may continue to decline in October.

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