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The supply and demand of 304 stainless steel color tubes in Longhu District is increasing gradually

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: May 28, 2018 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
304 stainless steel color pipe in Longhu District The continuous price drop makes the profit margin of steel mills very small. Some qualified steel mills have gradually reduced the production of construction steel and increased the production of plates with a certain profit margin. Secondly, since 2014, China's steel export volume has continued to rise. From January to August, China's cumulative export of steel products reached 56.83 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 35.4%, setting a record high Exports ease domestic supply pressure. However, from the price point of view, there is still no advantage, there is a "price for volume" phenomenon; third, in the fourth quarter of this year, the situation of surplus production in the north still exists, and the pattern of "goods from the north to the South" will still appear. Considering the weak demand of the steel market in the whole country this year, the situation of moving from north to south is not optimistic. Finally, at present, the operating rate of steel mills in North China is generally high If the demand can not recover effectively, the price of 304 stainless steel rectangular tube may be further under pressure in the future.

To sum up, domestic hot coil production was greatly reduced in October due to the impact of maintenance. However, due to the reduction of orders from the variety steel, the resources flowing to the market did not decrease, and the market will still bear greater sales pressure in the future. Although the gap of alleviating the lack of internal lift power is still relatively small. Merchants and downstream replenishment willingness is strong, billet market transactions are fair, domestic market as a whole stable operation. In recent years, after the steel billet wind vane market in Tangshan fell to 2350, downstream and merchants began to copy the bottom. The transaction was hot for a time, and the price rebounded to 2470. However, due to the lack of support for demand, it fell back to 2400 yuan and 20 yuan in recent two weeks. The author predicts that the psychological bottom of the market will be at 2400, and the over pessimistic future market expectation has been basically eliminated. In view of the particularity of Tangshan market, steel mills often pull up sharply during the National Day holiday, so it may rise to 2500 during the National Day golden week. If the price of iron ore continues to decline, the support for billet cost will be weakened. In addition, the supply and demand side and macro level are still difficult to improve, the market will eventually return to rationality. It is expected that the increase will be reversed after the festival and continue to consolidate around 2400 shocks in the second half of the month. This week, the tube is generally stable, the transaction is flat. During the period of national day, the price of raw materials will be adjusted with caution, 304 stainless steel color pipe in Longhu District The inventory is not reduced, flexible and large.

Market pessimism heavy, temporarily not optimistic about the "silver 10" market; a little stock, more single withdrawal funds. It is expected that the market price of pipe materials will rise steadily. From the perspective of demand, quite a number of domestic cities have gradually released the policy of real estate purchase restriction, and the real estate industry has ushered in favorable policies. The enthusiasm of real estate development will be improved, which will have a positive effect on later steel consumption, 304 stainless steel color pipe in Longhu District There are signs of slow improvement in demand. However, whether it is the continuous decline of high stocks in the raw material market, or the weakness of the market mentality, they are all more negative factors. Therefore, it is expected that in October, it is still difficult to see a positive market driven by various factors, but there is still an oversold rebound and a rise brought about by periodic demand release. For the post holiday market, as the final PMI value of HSBC's manufacturing industry in September is still lower than expected, the macro environment is still biased, and the stimulus policy is not expected, the overall situation of the industry is still grim.

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