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Jinping District stainless steel color tube customized spot price is suitable for sales in the market

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: May 26, 2018 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
Customization of stainless steel color tube in Jinping District However, at the end of the year, the closure ratio of mineral processing enterprises rose to the peak. Under the support of resource shortage, the mineral concentrator's imagination of reluctant to sell became more and more obvious, resulting in the asking price of small and medium-sized concentrators almost equal to that of large mines. The overall trend of domestic ore imports is not expected to continue next week. However, the pressure of market supply is still difficult to ease, and the short-term weakness is difficult to change. The sales volume of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai line was stable, and the transaction was light. The downstream stock was purchased on demand, and the market demand continued to shrink. The bearish sentiment was strong in the aftermarket. The mainstream of 20MnSi billet in Lianyungang and Xuzhou steel mills was stable at 2200-2220. The sales volume of South China thread snail decreased slightly, and the transaction was light. The downstream purchase of 304 stainless steel square tube was cautious, and the merchants had a strong wait-and-see mood. Affected by the low-cost resources in the north, it is expected to continue to be weak in the short term. At present, the billet price is weak and stable. However, after the sharp fall in the early stage, the manufacturers have not much profit to make. Therefore, the number of steel mills that have started maintenance recently has gradually increased. Some traders have also taken holidays ahead of time, and the market transaction is more cold. It is expected that the short-term billet prices will remain low.

In the case of steel plant loss aggravating, the coke price continues to be suppressed by the steel plant, the coke enterprise production willingness is not strong, the current coking plant inventory is low level. However, coke enterprises suffered serious losses, and they held a negative attitude towards the downstream coking coal, and the sales pressure of coal enterprises was large, and some areas were under pressure and went down. At present, the coke market in the main production areas has insufficient confidence in the future market, and the trading activities have maintained the status quo, Customization of stainless steel color tube in Jinping District In terms of customization, it is expected that the price of 304 stainless steel square tube will still fall next week. At present, the mainstream acceptance price of Tangshan secondary metallurgical coke is 1020-1050 yuan / ton, which is the same as last week. Market panic spread, market participants have said that if it falls below 2000, the consequences are unimaginable.

After four days of stalemate and adjustment, the price has finally stabilized. Today, there has been a slight rise, which is mainly due to the increase of maintenance in steel plants, Customization of stainless steel color tube in Jinping District Spot supply pressure eased slightly. Approaching the Spring Festival, it is also a period of low demand. It is more difficult for steel mills to support the price. In the later stage, there may be more steel mills for maintenance. Other steel billet by the domestic market decline. However, the price of 304 stainless steel square tube is generally bearish on the future market, and most of them are still based on shipment, with a single negotiation and large bargaining space. Most of the rolling mills in South China and East China began to reduce production. The demand for billets in the later stage was worrying, and the foundation for stable price was very weak. Due to the continuous decline of steel market, the pressure of finished product inventory and production cost is high, which means that there is no stock plan this year. At present, the small furnaces with serious losses have begun to stop production and take holidays ahead of schedule. In terms of market, due to the increase of shutdown of steel mills and the low purchase price, the business market has no love for the market. They often start to check the inventory and leave the market to wait and see, while some of the merchants who want to store goods before the year are big It is expected that scrap steel will hardly improve before the Spring Festival, and the price of 304 stainless steel square tube will be weak and empty next week.

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