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The price of 316L color stainless steel tube is rising in Jinwan District, and the customized spot of 316L color stainless steel tube should be ahead of schedule

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: May 23, 2018 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
316L color stainless steel pipe in Jinwan District It will continue to consolidate at the bottom area, which is in a stalemate state of rising and falling. However, attention should be paid to some new trends, new situations and new phenomena in the recent steel market. From the original "long strong board weak" into "strong long weak", reflecting the late market changes of long and plate. Once upon a time, the market of rebar, wire rod and other long products recovered, the price rose, and the price difference with the hot coil Market narrowed. Even the spiral price was higher than the hot coil price for a time, "long strong plate weak" was very obvious.

But in this period of time, it has become "long weak board strong". Recently, the hot coil market inventory pressure is not big. This Friday, 316L color stainless steel pipe in Jinwan District The latest inventory of hot-rolled coil is 3.2056 million tons, and the cycle to link ratio is further reduced by 49400 tons. Some businesses will even slightly increase the sales price. At present, the price of? 25mm grade 3 rebar in Shanghai market is 3050 yuan / ton, while the price of 4.75mm hot-rolled coil is 3410 yuan / ton. The price of hot-rolled coil is obviously higher than that of spiral steel. From the sales situation, due to the Meiyu period and high temperature season, the construction engineering construction is affected, the construction steel market demand shrinks and the transaction is light; the hot coil plate market is relatively less affected by climate change, and the production of automobile, household appliances, machinery and other manufacturing industries has not been affected by the rainy season and high temperature. In May, the automobile manufacturing industry increased by 13.4%, and the railway, ship, and machinery industries increased by 13.4% Aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry increased by 14.1%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 8.9%, and the daily hot coil sales volume of some steel trading companies reached 1000 tons, reaching the normal level. Therefore, the current steel market "long weak plate strong" phenomenon is obvious, indicating that the late 304 stainless steel tube price trend will continue to appear differentiation.

The "price locking contract" of downstream end users and the "post settlement" phenomenon of steel mills have an impact on the later steel market. 316L color stainless steel pipe in Jinwan District The market price is at the bottom and running at a low level. The downstream end users foresee that there is no room for the price to fall. These users require steel traders to sign "price lock" contracts to lock the prices in advance, so as to prevent the prices from rising later. Moreover, the number of such "price locking" contracts has increased significantly, making the prices of these steel products always at a low level. Moreover, the "post settlement" mode of steel mills has a certain impact on the overall price level. After more than a year's adjustment, 304 stainless steel square tube price in the decline cycle, the circulation link must accelerate the shipment, with time for space, this will make the steel price center of gravity continue to move down

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