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Forcing 316L stainless steel pipe to reduce price

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
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Influenced by the global atmosphere, 316L The price of stainless steel pipe has been maintained at a low level, coupled with the recent typhoon Nida In recent years, heavy rain and rainstorm occurred in many southern regions, and the market shipment was hindered 316L The inventory of stainless steel pipe increased. 316L The production cost of stainless steel pipe is two thousand and four hundred element / At present, most of the large and medium-sized steel mills in China 316L The price of stainless steel tube is lower than two thousand and four hundred element / Tons, according to futures daily eight month four Japan news.

At present, the second and third class steel mills in East China 316L The loss range of stainless steel pipe is 100—200 element / Tons, and the extent of loss of some steel mills has reached three hundred element / Tons. In the case of strong ore and weak steel, many domestic steel mills have started Price war

If the rebate is added, almost all steel mills are in a loss state. Recent domestic Steel mills started to jointly support the price, 316L The prosperity of stainless steel pipe industry may recover, and the situation of strong mine and weak steel may also be improved. It is understood that, following the measures taken by Guangdong Yuegang, Shaogang and Hunan Xianggang, several major steel mills in Chongqing, such as Dagang, Shuigang and Chuanwei, have taken measures to raise prices 316L Stainless steel pipe, Chongqing 316L Stainless steel pipe, German steel, Jianbang, etc. also held a forum a few days ago, intending to jointly support the price.

In addition, steel mills in East China have also joined in Insured ranks. According to industry sources, at present, Yonggang, Nangang and Huaigang have issued notices to dealers, hoping that prices will not continue to fall. Among them, Yonggang and dealers say hello express eight In the month, the steel plant will not return and make up in place. I hope the dealer can control the delivery price. The news from the market also shows that at present, some steel mills in Shanxi area have 316L The stainless steel tube was carried out twenty element / The price increase of tons, eight month ten It will be implemented as of.

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