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The production cost of 316 stainless steel tube is quite high

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: August 5, 2016 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:

The proportion of 316 stainless steel pipe production cost is still large, usually accounting for 20%. Steel mills around the world have been trying to improve energy efficiency.

Japan and the United States are recognized as the leaders in energy efficiency of 316 stainless steel tubes. The energy consumption of some steel plants in the European Union has also been greatly reduced. ThyssenKrupp Duisburg plant, Tata 316 stainless steel tube aimeiden plant and arcelormitargent plant have achieved energy self-sufficiency and can sell the remaining power to the national grid. Russian 316 stainless steel tube enterprises are also improving energy efficiency and further improving global competitiveness, while some 316 stainless steel tube enterprises in Central European countries have lost the opportunity of energy self-sufficiency because they have shut down their Coke Ovens due to pollution problems.

Investment in new equipment and new technology to achieve energy saving may squeeze enterprise profits, but the investment in energy conservation will increase in the future. In the increasingly fierce market competition environment, energy efficiency is a major event related to the future survival of steel mills. Some rely on government funded schemes, others are voluntary actions to reduce energy consumption and build more power plants to improve energy self-sufficiency.

The level of energy efficiency has a bearing on the future survival of steel mills. The Chinese government is working out measures to eliminate 100-150 million tons of crude steel production capacity in the next five years, and the rest of the world is also shutting down backward equipment.

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