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Key points of cooling and shaping 316 stainless steel welded pipe

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
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The cooling and shaping of 316 stainless steel welded pipe can guarantee the quality of stainless steel welded pipe and ensure the use of it. Now let Foshan Fuyu company take you to know about the cooling setting device:

1. Shaping mouth. In this method, the pipe is directly ejected into shape without traction device. The head structure of ejection method is that the straight part of the core mold is about 10-50 mm longer than that of the die. The screw thrust pushes the pipe out of the die head and directly enters into the external surface of the cooling stainless steel welded pipe to cool and harden. The inner surface of the pipe can not be shrunk inward and shaped. The ejection method is generally smaller than the production of small diameter thick wall pipe However, this method has the advantages of slow discharge, low yield, uneven wall thickness and low strength.

2. Internal pressure method. The shaping device is a method of adding compressed air into the pipe and cooling the setting sleeve to make the outer surface of UHMWPE pipe stick to the setting sleeve and quickly cool and harden to fix the size of outer diameter. The 316 stainless steel welded pipe is evenly led out by the traction device, and the setting sleeve is closely connected to the machine head and kept concentric with the die and core mold.

In order to keep the pressure in the pipe unchanged, an air plug is installed in the pipe at a certain position from the sizing sleeve to keep the pressure of compressed air in the pipe constant. The inner diameter of the shaping sleeve is generally larger than that of the outer diameter of the pipe. The shrinkage rate of the pipe such as the enlarged size and the length of the setting sleeve should ensure that the surface of the UHMWPE pipe is cooled to the glass transition temperature.

3. Vacuum method. It adopts the method that the outer surface of 316 stainless steel welded pipe is adsorbed on the inner wall of setting sleeve by vacuumizing outside the pipe to cool down and fix the outer diameter. This method is especially suitable for the shaping of UHMWPE tubing lining.

The above is the cooling and shaping device of 316 stainless steel welded pipe introduced to you today. Through the cooling and shaping device, the pipe does not completely cool down to below the thermal deformation temperature, so it must continue to cool. Generally, there are cooling water tank and spray water tank. Thank you for your reading.

For more information about 316 stainless steel welded pipe, please pay attention to Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.


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