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How does 316 stainless steel pipe break through in adversity

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: July 30, 2016 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:

Any market is likely to face a lot of problems. The way to solve the problems is to face up rather than to treat them negatively. For 316 stainless steel pipe, the market has not been very satisfactory, and the opportunities and profits brought to us by Foshan Fuyu are not many. However, it gives us time for us to take this opportunity to rectify. Throughout the world, our environment is not optimistic, but the real estate and construction companies around the world are building a large number of 316 stainless steel pipes. In addition, 316 stainless steel pipe is one of the industries with international market competitiveness in China, with strong competitiveness.

At present, the excess production capacity of China's textile and chemical industries, such as Russia, the United States and so on, is not only relying on the excess production capacity of China's textile and chemical industries, but also the excess production capacity of the new energy industries such as Shenyang, the United States and the United States China and foreign countries have balanced production capacity and achieved considerable economic benefits.

Therefore, China's 316 stainless steel pipe products should be justified and vigorous, and try every possible means to "go out". Of course, the relevant government departments should further study and issue supporting policies to positively guide the expansion of China's 316L stainless steel pipe products, and provide new export power and international economic and trade guarantee. Moreover, it is necessary to encourage high, medium and low-end 316 stainless steel pipe products to take the initiative to enter the international market. The products with market benefits are "high added value".

Moreover, the government departments should look at the export from an international perspective. China's 316 stainless steel pipe products can be exported, which shows that they have strong competitiveness. As for the so-called trade barriers and "anti-dumping", we should, in accordance with WTO rules, strive to actively deal with them.

Shen Wenrong said that in the next five to 10 years, Shagang will adhere to the general keynote of "steel based and diversified operation", adhere to innovative thinking, work hard, and focus on the main business of 316 stainless steel pipe. At present, around industry 4.0, Shagang is promoting informatization and intelligence simultaneously, and further strengthening talent team, process technology, energy conservation and environmental protection and modern management.

In particular, the per capita steel output index should be further in line with the world's advanced level. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of enterprises, continue to do a good job in product export relying on the conditions of variety and quality, location logistics, enterprise brand, etc., and strive to achieve more than 30% of the total steel output this year. In the comprehensive utilization of resources, we should further tap the potential and increase efficiency, and the proportion of self generating power should reach 60% To enhance the endogenous power of the enterprise, deepen the cost reduction and efficiency increase project, further build the core competitiveness of Shagang, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of China 316 stainless steel pipe industry and economic society.

We have an understanding of the current situation of 316 stainless steel pipe, hope to help you.

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