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 Stainless steel pipe

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 Stainless steel welded pipe
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Stainless steel tube flaring tester

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Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long steel, which is widely used for conveying fluid, such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc. in addition, when bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is lighter, so it is widely used to manufacture mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also commonly used for the production of various conventional weapons, barrels, shells, etc.

  Flaring tester

Classification of : Steel pipe is divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe ( Slit tube ) There are two categories. According to the cross-section shape, it can be divided into round pipe and special-shaped pipe. Circular steel pipe is widely used, but there are also some special-shaped steel pipes such as square, rectangular, semicircular, hexagon, equilateral triangle, octagon and so on.

Hydraulic test shall be carried out for the steel pipe bearing fluid pressure to check its pressure resistance capacity and quality. Under the specified pressure, it is qualified if there is no leakage, soaking or expansion. Some steel pipes shall be subject to crimping test, flaring test and flattening test according to the standards or the requirements of the demander.

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