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Underwater air tightness testing equipment for stainless steel pipe

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1、 Application and performance specification of air compressor:

   1.  overview

The air compressor is a special equipment to withstand the pressure and air tightness test of the pipe. The pressure and air tightness tests are carried out for the pipes each time. The frame beam structure has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation and high degree of automation. Automatic operation or manual button control can be selected when the equipment is running.

   2.  Performance parameters of the unit:

 Underwater air tightness testing equipment  

   two Scope of pressure test pipe :

Material: tube

Tube outer diameter: ф6—ф273 ㎜。

Tube length: air compressor 2-20mm

Tube: 0.5-20mm

   two point two Yield: Max100 root / Hours.

   two point three Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system: 5 Mpa

   two point four Maximum working pressure of pressure test medium: 5 Mpa

   two point five Pressure holding time: 5-15S( Can be set )

   two point six Motor power: none

   two point seven Driving mode: air pressure

   2.8  Industrial water: circulating.

   two point nine Equipment dimensions: ( long × wide × high )22000×2000×2020

   three Control system: via PLC All parts of the actuator to achieve automatic control.

2. Features and composition of the unit

   1.  Unit process:

Air compressor: 1# Tube loading →1# Tube clamping →1# Ram feed Two steps Pneumatic charging Pressure maintaining Pressure relief Two steps →1# Indenter retreat →1# Tube loose →1# Pipe blanking Step further →)

   2.  Unit features:

   two point one The unit can be used for batch pressure test of steel pipe or titanium pipe within the scope of contract.

   two point two This machine adopts more hydraulic control and pneumatic control, reduces the weight of the equipment, simplifies the structure of the equipment, reduces the labor intensity, and improves the degree of automation.

   two point three This machine adopts PLC Control, realize automation work and whole process linkage automation.

   two point four This machine adopts camera monitoring , And can save data .

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