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On line eddy current detector for stainless steel pipe

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   one Frequency range :100Hz-2MHz Arbitrary setting, suitable for all kinds of metal materials

   two Gain :0-70db , step length is 0.1db

   three , phase: 0-360 The degree and step length are one degree

   four , two independent optional frequencies

   five , four different styles of mode settings

   six Automatic phase and amplitude analysis function

   seven Automatic zero calibration system: zero calibration interval can be set

   eight Three different styles of alarm area settings can be applied to various modes

   nine Head and tail signal removal function

   ten Automatic screen cleaning / Track two kinds of impedance display, and set the interval time or cancel the function

   eleven Automatic alarm delay system, delay time can be set arbitrarily

   twelve Automatic marking delay system, delay time can be set arbitrarily

   thirteen It has the functions of detection signal playback, two-way access, CD recording and storage

   fourteen All kinds of parameters can be customized and processed

   fifteen Rapid simulation / Digital electronic automatic balance and dynamic tracking filter

   sixteen WINDOWS The operation interface is simple, intelligent and easy to operate

   seventeen Various types of external probe, such as rotary probe

   eighteen It is suitable for on-line quality inspection of metal tube and bar production plant

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  On line eddy current detector



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