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Do you know the characteristics of color stainless steel tube?

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Color stainless steel tube We all know each other very well. This kind of new composite material, which is made by melting spraying or absorbing food grade epoxy powder coating or PE material on the inner wall by external process, is solidified at high temperature, which plays an important role in our modern society. Therefore, the application of this kind of pipe material, the plastic coated pipe manufacturer has also given a positive model requirements, the construction personnel in the arrangement of plastic coated pipe for the use of the moment to be particularly meticulous, in order to ensure the normal use of plastic coated pipe price. The construction model of plastic coated steel pipe is as follows:

It is convenient to clean the PE pipe with clean water and wipe off the oil debris left on the surface of the threaded pipe. After tightening the pipe, the pipe should be tightened with pipe wrench and pipe wrench. During this process, the saw blade and pipe pipe axis are OK It must be straight, the malpractice type of uneven section will lead to the screw thread after stranding does not conform to the specification of pipe thread; then, the antirust agent should be applied on the surface of pipe end and the thread area. If the sealing belt is used, the antirust agent should be coated first and then the sealing strip should be wrapped.

We all know that the application of plastic coated pipe has excellent anti-corruption function and relatively small friction resistance. For example, epoxy resin coated pipe is mostly used in water supply and drainage, sea water, warm water, oil, gas and other media transportation, while PVC plastic coated pipe is suitable for transportation of drainage, sea water, oil, gas and other media. The above mentioned items are some common examples that we need to be too detailed in the arrangement process of plastic coated steel pipes. After knowing these contents, people can probably ensure the application price and service life of plastic coated steel pipes at the moment of construction arrangement.

Plastic coated pipe is divided into plastic lined pipe and plastic coated pipe. The plastic coated pipe has the strength of steel pipe and the anti-corruption function of plastic. Plastic lined pipe is a kind of product with steel pipe as the matrix. It is sufficient to use the inner lining pipe extruded by usual resin, and then restrain the effect of gluing. The heating uses the thermal expansion of plastic pipe and the effective dispersion of steel pipe. The plastic coated pipe is also made of steel pipe as the matrix, which is coated with high polymer material through powder melting vacuum coating or spraying process.

Since the steel pipe is not required to be cleaned in the air-conditioning system, it has the advantages of no need to cycle the steel pipe with water circulation The circulating water temperature is not too high. It has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection. The usual steel pipe is easy to scale and corrupt. The rust and scale accumulation will lead to the decrease of heat transfer rate, increase energy consumption, increase operation resources, and increase the load of unit operation. The circulating water can be discharged directly during the self-care, without any pollution to the environment.

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