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Identification method of color 304 stainless steel pipe

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: March 1, 2019 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
   Color 304 stainless steel pipe More and more affordable price, more and more widely used. On the market, there are many bad businesses to shoddy, shoddy behavior. This not only damages the interests of the majority of owners, but also destroys the entire 304 stainless steel pipe decoration plate market environment. The following Wuxi bright 304 stainless steel tube mainly explains to us how to identify the quality of color stainless steel plate? Color stainless steel plate quality identification method. Mainly from the following three angles.

A look at the material: color stainless steel plate commonly used materials are 304 normal material, 304 calendering material, 201 normal material and 201 calendering material. The corrosion resistance of 304 is higher than that of 201, and the normal material is smoother and brighter than that of calender. Because of the big price difference, many businesses are shoddy, using calendering material as the main material and 201 as the fake 304. As a result, the colorful stainless steel plate began to fade, rust and even crack after using for several months. Therefore, when we inspect the goods, the first thing we should do is to verify whether the raw material of the plate is what you have specified.
201 and 304 can be identified by stainless steel liquid medicine, while the normal material and calendering material are mainly identified by investigating the quality of the plate surface. The surface of the normal plate is smooth, the color is uniform, the brightness is high, and the thickness of the whole plate is the same. However, the calendered plate surface is dark, uneven in color, often with black or stripe, roll imprint on the reverse side, many sand holes, peeling water marks and other defects, and the thickness of the plate surface is different It can reach two to three wires. However, with the progress of production technology and skills in many large-scale calendering plants, the gap between normal and rolled materials is gradually narrowing. Some imitated normal plates can even be confused with the real ones, which requires professionals with rich experience to distinguish them.

Second view effect: the color stainless steel plate is mainly used in the decoration field, and the ornamental and decoration requirements of the board surface are very high. When checking the goods, we must check and observe carefully. Good colorful stainless steel plate in direct sunlight should not be visible color difference, the whole batch of plates without color difference. Uniform color, good color, no scratch, bending and color fading. There should be no high brightness and horseshoe marks on the surface. Of course, usually the better the quality of the board, the price is also more, about the low requirements of the decoration field can also be reduced on the board, choose more economical and more affordable decoration board.
Three tear film: colorful stainless steel plate will be pasted with a layer of protective film before leaving the factory. Many unsalable boards are left in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film is powdered, which is difficult to tear. Or after tearing off, there is still a lot of glue on the surface of the board, which is ugly and difficult to eradicate, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. Even if it is transparent film, we must tear a large piece to see the quality of the film. If, need to follow-up shear bending molding, it is best to put the protective film above 6C first to prevent scratching the board surface. How to identify the quality of color stainless steel plate? The stainless steel film should be removed as soon as possible. Especially for outdoor decoration, due to direct sunlight, it is better to tear off the protective film immediately after construction.

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