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Is the corrosion resistance of 304 color stainless steel tube related to polishing mechanism?

Article source: Foshan Quanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Editor in charge: Ample stainless steel
Release time: December 29, 2018 24 hours hotline: 134-5082-8388 Views:
304 stainless steel color tube Because of the good passivation layer on both the inner and outer surface layers, it has a strong corrosion resistance. The stainless steel tube has high surface finish and little medium adhesion, which is beneficial to corrosion resistance. The higher the surface finish inside and outside the tube, the less liquid medium stays, which is conducive to flushing, especially in the pharmaceutical field. Electrolytic polishing (electropolishing) for the inside and outside of the tube: the electrolytic polishing solution is phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, chromic anhydride, gelatin, potassium dichromate, etc. The inner and outer surface of the stainless steel tube is on the anode, and the polishing fluid flows in and. The electrolytic polishing process is carried out with low voltage and high current. At this time, the inside and outside surface of the tube go through two contradictory processes, namely, the formation and dissolution of passivation layer (containing thick mucosa) on the surface of metal.
The conditions for the red film to enter passivation are different because of the convex part and concave part of the surface, and because of anodic dissolution. Due to the different conditions of red film passivation on the convex part and concave part of the surface of stainless steel pipe, the metal salt concentration in the anode area is continuously added due to the dissolution of anode, resulting in a thick membrane with high resistance on the surface. 304 color stainless steel pipe The thickness of the film at the concave and convex area is different, which leads to the high current density on the anode surface, and the discharge dissolution speed is fast. In a short time, the film can reach a very high finish RA ≤ 0.2-0.4 μ M. The surface of the passivation layer was added to the inner surface of the tube to resist corrosion.

How to grasp the polishing quality of stainless steel tube is related to the electrolyte formula, concentration, temperature, electrifying time, current density, electrode condition and surface treatment of the tube. If you don't master the skills well, it will damage the surface finish of the tube. If the electrolysis condition is too large, it will present more concave convex surfaces, and even the tubes will be invalid. It needs certain skills to make good quality, and the cost is high. Machine polishing for the inside and outside of the tube: rotary and linear polishing. 304 color stainless steel pipe Here we take the rotary machine polishing as an example: the machine polishing equipment is more precise, the power and polishing disc, polishing equipment are more precise, power and polishing disc, polishing wax. The surface of the tube can be polished again and again by multi-channel polishing. The finish can be as high as RA ≤ 0.2-0.4 μ M. Compared with electropolishing, stainless steel tube machine polishing has the advantages of precise equipment, low skill content, simple grasp, low cost, and will not destroy the tube and form invalid, so it is widely used

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